For our first course in 2019 BIOLOGICAL DENTISTRY AND CERAMIC IMPLANTS on 8thand 9thFebruary, already 48 dentists have registered with which we surpassed every previous participant record right at the beginning of the year!

As many of you know, for the past 8 years, I have spent the entire month of January in the breathtaking nature of Uruguay, thinking, reworking and writing. This is always a very productive time for me combined with a DIGITAL SABBATICAL. This year I have, next to other things, revised significantly the course and optimized and supplemented a whole series of slides. The biological concept around the ceramic implants is what makes SDS special and is, as you know, being lived out intensively by us in the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC as well as being continuously developed. I collect the innovations continuously throughout the year and incorporate them into our brochure THE SWISS BIOHEALTH CONCEPT. So, this once small informational book about our concept from the first issue “DR. VOLZ BIOLOGICAL DENTISTRY “with 18 pages in 2016 grew in the following year after the foundation of the clinic to 30 pages in 2017 and to 40 pages in 2018. This year I have extended and revised THE SWISS BIOHEALTH CONCEPT to 56 pages – almost a small book, which will be available to you until the course in February. Due to this, you have the latest knowledge and the necessary knowledge clearly arranged and understandable in a single document together, ready for implementation according to the theme “painting by numbers” …
Another innovation will be that we record the entire course in words and images to then then put it online for the participants of the course, so that they can look at the entire course or individual sequences as often as they like in the protected area of our website.
In 2019, the catering will be delivered in top quality by the Restaurant Silo 5 from Switzerland directly into our SWISS BIOHEALTH EDUCATION CENTER. We have completely redesigned the training center and integrated a great bar, a restaurant and a cozy lounge area. And after a family-friendly dinner accompanied by good music, inexhaustible amounts of DETOX & ALLINONE will be served!
Currently there are 12 places left.
HERE you can register online or send an email to ayla.tavit@swissdentalsolutions.com.
I’m really looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible after this creative break!
Your Ulrich

P.S .: for the live operation on Friday morning, one of my assistants will be “back under the knife”: NICO 18 and 48 as well as X45 and immediate implant.
P.P.S .: the shadowing week the days before, of course, again will be very interesting with many NICO’s, many immediate implants and multiple augmentations. In the meantime, we stream 2 rooms alternately, depending on where it is more “interesting”, so that no more idle times can arise for you!

Written by Dr. Ulrich Volz