The Swiss Biohealth Academy

Who we are

e are a strong team of dentists of different specialities, physicians and other therapists with the mission not to be satisfied with the current state. We extend the limitations of therapy and optimize our concept constantly. This is guided by the high ethical claim to give our patients biological dentistry and medicine at the best. Therefore, we bridge the gap between these two areas by addressing the human being as a whole.

What we bring along

We have long-standing experience and excellent expertise in biological dentistry and medicine. It is our heartfelt desire to communicate mindfully with our patients.

We passed through the comprehensive curriculum of the Swiss Biohealth Education. We received an in depth introduction into the Swiss Biohealth Concept by its inventor Dr. Karl Ulrich Volz and into the ART testing method by its inventor Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt. These are base and integral part of our treatment. We are trained by prestigious experts such as Dr. Joseph Choukroun (inventor of the PRF-concept), Dr. Joachim Mutter (expert of environmental medicine) and Dr. Rainer Wander (expert of neural therapy and acupuncture).

What we do

We integrate the actual developments of biological dentistry and medicine by ongoing education and training, attendance of the most significant conferences worldwide and exchange with other experts at an international level. This includes important aspects of environmental medicine, detoxification, immunology and neurodegenerative diseases. Besides the treatment of our patients, we use an extensive part of our time to enlarge our common knowledge base continuously.

We practice ongoing, intensive research activity, including cooperation with universities, which is demonstrated by our scientific publications. This becomes part of the further development of the Swiss Biohealth Concept, motivates us to achieve constant best performances in treatment and is of direct benefit for our patients.

We regard each patient as a challenge in order to meet the individual needs with maximum engagement and to provide an extraordinary performance in any single case. This includes an intensive pre- and postoperative support of unique quality. We consider ourselves as partners of our patients. It is our desire, that they can understand our therapeutic concept and have their questions answered.

Written by Dr. Ulrich Volz