Course Biological Dentistry and Ceramic Implants with Dr. med. Volz

This two-day course is on one hand classic and on the other hand more up-to-date than ever. Since 10 years Dr. Volz improves and revises this course and hones even the smallest details with the aim to reach perfection. Because this course is to provide in unprecedented effectiveness in two days a wealth of knowledge that you can apply immediately next Monday, which facilitates the practice of everyday life, creates more enjoyment of the profession and broadens the horizon. The participants are enthusiastic and give us regular feedback that this was the “best course of their entire career”.

Here are some outcuts from the course on YouTube and you can listen to some interesting topics in advance:

At the end of the course, the participants will not only receive a stick containing all slides, so they will not have to take notes on the slides or even take pictures of it. Furthermore, they will recive THE SWISS BIOHEALTH CONCEPT as a physical handout with 54 pages, which constantly updates all contents of the course in writing and picture. In addition, the participants now receive the link to a protected area in which the entire two-day course is deposited. The original foils were elaborately embedded separately in the film and the two days are divided into individual chapters, which can be selected directly:

There is no better basis for sustainably processing the presented knowledge and calling it up at any time. Hardly any other training institution supports its participants as effectively as in the SWISS BIOHEALTH EDUCATION CENTER.

Friday will start with a live surgery. The surgery will be broadcasted in four-channel Full HD technology from the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC operating room directly to the adjacently SWISS BIOHEALTH EDUCATION CENTER. Volz, who performs the surgery, is commenting live on it. The OP is also streamed into the net and can be viewed virtually anywhere after logging in to the SDS page ( or later viewed as a canned. The participants of the course, however, have the advantage that they can ask the surgeon directly after the live surgery.

On the first day the participants will learn about the common cause of all chronic diseases and the role of dentistry. This provides an indispensable basis for participants to treat their patients in a goal-oriented way to an improvement in general health and thus to maximize their benefits. However, this does not quite pass without a trace on the participants themselves, who report that their overall health has improved a lot and that they have become more efficient since attending the course.


Following the motto “painting by numbers” follows a clear therapy concept and protocol, which works on the “dental topics” according to a fixed algorithm in the right order. These include metal remediation, amalgam removal, NICO surgery, root canal removal and incompatible titanium implants. A major contribution to the success of the THE SWISS BIOHEALTH CONCEPT has been the integration of immunology and biology. How should a patient osseointegrate an implant and form bone if the building blocks like minerals and vitamin D3 are missing? Vitamin D3 is believed to have the strongest effect on our immune system, but vitamin C also plays an essential role in activating osteoblasts and inhibiting osteoclasts, interfering with collagen synthesis and protecting against infection. The third “Holy King” in the realm of biological dentistry is the Procaine, which is used as a neural therapy for therapy, but also to reliably simulate therapy effects in advance: last program point on Friday evening is the live demonstration, which Dr. Volz volunteers from the circle of participants. “Show me your DVT and I’ll tell you what symptoms you have!”. At first surprised how well Dr. Volz shows the symptoms and symptoms of the participants. However, once you have understood the tooth-organ relationships and you can understand it with the help of a provided chart, the concept is directly reproducible for each participant. Now Procaine injects the suspicious tooth or suspect region and the participants experience how even serious symptoms completely disappear within seconds to minutes and thus prove the connection to the dental infirmary. This is so convincing that by now more than 10% of Dr. Volz’s patients are dentists. There is hardly any better proof of concept!

In the restaurant, lounge and party area of the SWISS BIOHEALTH EDUCATION CENTER, the evening meal will be followed. This often makes the night very short due to generous GIN & TONIC of the in-house brand SWISS BIOHEALTH DETOX!

detox gin

For some patients therefore the energy, functional and hangover drink ALLINONE, which is 100% healthy and sweetened with stevia and coconut blossom sugar, is the last salvation on the next morning…

Saturday is dedicated entirely to implantology and has the motto:

“Ceramic is simpler, but different!”

On this day, the participants will benefit from the unique experience of Dr. Volz: 19 years of ceramic implantology and more than 20,000 personally placed implants! Not only are mistakes to be avoided by knowing the specific laws that apply to zirconia implants, but also it is equally important to make full use of the possibilities offered by this unique material, which is the only material that forms a firm bond with the gingiva : Taking advantage of biological and zirconia-specific laws, implants can be placed in situations where the “Titanlers” would not even think about it!

Dr. Volz explains the specific characteristics of zirconium oxide in general and the extremely effective shape of the SDS implant using many case studies and short video sequences. The different forms of the one- and two-piece standard implants allow to solve almost every situation. The penultimate gap will then close the special forms, such as the balcony, the sinus, disc, short or oval implant. The latest development of Dr. med. Volz, the “SWISS – SWitch Implant Stabilization System”, will allow users to place SDS implants in situations where there is not even rudimentary enough bone to stably anchor an implant mechanically in a conventional manner – get surprised!

Important and effective techniques such as brushing (periosteal stretching up to 1.5 cm without slit), Apical Mattress Suture (easy, fast and secure Attached Gingiva Generating), PRF poncho technique and the biological laws that lead to bone regeneration and regeneration complete this part off.

A clearly structured prosthetic concept based on the KISS principle (Keep It Simple and Stupid) forms the middle part of this second course day.

Again and again Dr. Volz surprises the participants with logical insights into everyday practice, which is mostly not being questioned: why the retraction thread is called retraction thread and in the best case is unnecessary. Why the ADA American Dental Association has withdrawn the recommendation for flossing. Why classic peri-implant therapy can never work, because it is an immunological reaction – but can be recovered noninvasively by smart supplementation of the bones. Why Parondontitis does not come from bad oral hygiene, but represents a D3 deficiency disease, thus can only be treated from the inside and thus plaque is not at the beginning, but at the end of the cascade (D3 deficiency> inflammation> touch sensitivity> plaque) and thus the unsightly Stigma in truth D3 insufficiency patients should come to an end. All these theses are supported by the latest studies, open mindsets and close inspection being all totally clear to the participants.

The final part is the short-cut or ALLINONE concept, which proves the inestimable benefits of this concept through countless clinical case examples, short video clips, patient and pre-op photos, and public health testimonials , At least now, the participants realize that they have done everything right, when they – for whatever reason – have chosen the dental profession and you can almost feel that many of the participants wish for the next Monday to come so that they can implement the learned immediately and can trim their clinic for benefits and service, as approximately 50% of repeaters have done for years and now hardly know how to save themselves from new patients. During the breaks, the newcomers have already talked intensively with the “Old Hands” and the “Specialists in Ceramic Implants and Biological Dentistry” and experienced first-hand how this concept in perfect symbiosis fulfills the following quote from Steve Jobbs:

“The bigger the problem,
The smarter the solution,
The bigger the demand!”

When do we see you for the next application course “Biological Dentistry and Ceramic Implants” with Dr. Volz at the SWISS BIOHEALTH EDUCATION CENTER?

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Written by SDS Team